False Facts About Yoga

There are many misconceptions about Yoga even though its popularity has increased dramatically over the years. Let’s try and dispel those rumours that everyone hears.

  • “It’s all about touching your toes.”

Yoga is so much more than just being flexible. Everyone has to start somewhere.


  • “Aren’t there some strange breathing Techniques?”

Some Yoga’s do incorporate strange breathing techniques but at Hartley Heys  based in the ribble valley we concentrate on encouraging you to breath deep into your lungs


  • “Do you need to be Vegetarian?”

Yoga is about lifestyle and choice, many are vegetarians but no alas we are not.


  • “It doesn’t make me sweat.”

Exercise doesn’t always have to be vigorous, powerful and sweaty to know you have had a good workout. Yoga can be very restorative.


  • “You need a perfect body.”

Who the hell has the perfect body!!! Yoga is for bodies – men, women, young, old, able and less able.


  • “Using blocks makes it easier.”

Blocks are there to be used.  Some days you need them some days you don’t.  They can be the most powerful tool in the room and can significantly help you in your practise. They are NOT to be frowned upon.


  • “Letting go is just a cliché.”

Letting go, maybe does sound like a cliché but sometimes you have to breath out and try and relax. So much of life is out of our control, yoga tries to teach us this fact and embrace it. If you allow yourself to let go, then this is the start of your journey.


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