Why Yoga Is So Good For You?

Traditionally yoga is about life style, healthy eating, cleanliness, social interaction and work. Its philosophy is rooted in a physical culture of health and well-being that is still an integral part of yoga ancient tradition. However we can now incorporate certain aspects from the original philosophy with amazing benefits.

  1. Decreases stress and lifts mood– Whilst participating in Yoga we find ourselves concentrating on what is being said to us. This block out our ‘mind chatter’. As the yoga instructors encourage you to focus inwards and relax your body this decreases stress and boost oxygen levels to the brain, leaving you happier and more content.
  2. Increase in confidence– This is twofold as we practice yoga we start to realise how amazing our bodies are and this increases our confidence. Also it has a positive effect on the mind which helps to establish a healthier connection with yourself and others around you.
  3. Decrease injury risk – Yoga is a low impact exercise which works on all aspect of the physical body, it incorporates strength work and flexibility. This helps to balance the body skeletal system.
  4. Increases flexibility– I wish I has a pound for everyone saying they are too inflexible for yoga. It doesn’t matter how inflexible you are here at hartleyheys in the Ribble Valley, we stretch you safely helping you to practice further.
  5. Improves muscle tone and strength – Many yoga poses strength your arms (downward dog , 4 stick pose) and legs (warrior poses). These poses strength these areas safely without putting too much strain on specific muscle groups
  6. Improves posture -By practicing yoga you maintain a healthier weight, become more flexible and improve your muscle tone and strength. You will find that your posture will greatly improve because of this. Your abdominal and back muscles can now fully support your weight and you will be able to sit and stand tall, preventing niggling injuries, aches and pains.

The beauty of yoga in can be practiced anywhere.

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