The Ring Of Fire

The Pilates Ring is a versatile addition to any Pilates class. It adds lightweight resistance and an extra challenge to a Pilates workout, which explains why Vicky and Julia love to incorporate this into a Pilates class.

3 Reasons Why We Love The Pilates Ring

1) Pilates Ring Increases Body Awareness

If you’ve used the Pilates Ring before, you’d have found that more effort is required to execute each movement correctly. What the Pilates Ring does, is assist your body to activate, isolated muscles more effectively.

The flexibility of the Pilates Ring enhances body awareness and provides instant feedback during the class. This helps you to self-correct during the class immediately and perform each exercise correctly and effectively.

Joseph Pilates (founder of the Pilates method) invented the first magic circle using the ring from a beer keg

2) Pilates Ring Adds Intensity and Resistance

The Pilates Ring is made from plastic which allows it to bend slightly while providing firm resistance. This helps to condition the body safely and get a toned, lean body faster as compared to doing the same exercise without the Pilates Ring. The Pilates Ring is often used to vary a class an keep people interested and make it  FUN.

3) Pilates Ring Challenges Balance and Core Strength

Depending on how the Pilates ring is used or positioned, placing pressure on the ring provides stability to the body. If you feel unstable during a particular movement, squeezing the Pilates Ring helps you to stabilize your body by reaching to the deep core muscles. Especially useful to beginners who may not able to activate their core muscles, Pilates Ring provides tactile feedback to help you to quickly understand how to engage the core muscles to do the exercises.

Don’t fear the Ring of Fire.

9.15 am Monday St Marys – Sabden, Ribble Valley

6.15pm Tuesday St Peters church Simonstone Ribble Valley

9.15 am Thursday Nazareth UnitarianChurch Padiham Burnley

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