Why Hip Openers Are So Good

Hip Opener are often requested at Hartley Heys (Simonstone, Sabden) so I am going to try and explain why they are so good for you!!! The hips have over 20 muscles, the adductors (inside thigh), abductors (outside thigh), hip flexors (front of thigh) and deep lateral rotators. Many of the Yoga poses we do will either stretch or strengthen these muscles. However as our jobs have become more sedentary so have our hips.

Tight hips affect everything from your ability to get into simplest of poses or being able to pick up something off the floor. When hips are tight, they increase the load and cause overuse of the spine. In addition to the benefits of improved range of motion and circulation and decreased back pain, opening the hips can create an energetic shift or release as well. Yogic tradition holds the hips as a storage ground for negative feelings and pent-up emotions, especially ones related to control in our lives. Hip-opening can also create space for the birth of new ideas and new pathways. Opening the hips gives us access to freedom in the body and in our own unique expression — creatively, physically, sexually, and spiritually.


Monday 26th February 6pm Sabden St Marys Hall. See you there

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