Why Runners Should Do Pilates

Most people understand that they need a strong core but do runners actually realise why? Running is the same movement over and over again for anywhere from 5 minutes to 5+ hours. It is a high impact sport that causes a lot of stress on your joints and muscles. Pilates help with running form that they should go hand in hand. Not only does Pilates work your core muscles but it also improves joint mobility, flexibility and body awareness.


Your core are not just your abdominal muscles but also incorporate hips, back, shoulders and glutes. When these are strong and balanced they help to stabilise you during running and enable you to produce better forces. By this we mean- how your leg comes through know as the swing phase, pushing off phase and during foot strike. Pilates helps you to maintain a good running posture and run more efficiently. Imagine still feeling strong in the last few miles of running a 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon.


As mentioned above, a strong core helps to maintain a good running posture over a long time, then add into the mix the fact Pilates not only strengthens but also increases flexibility and lean muscle mass, this creates more powerful and more optimal muscles. Now imagine transferring this to your speed training. Pilates will help prevent fatigue when completing hard repetitions, being able to keep a great posture and a long stride, will produce faster times not only during the session but also during a race.


Pilates will decrease your recovery time after strenuous workout by increasing joint mobility, improving flexibility and body awareness. With a regular Pilates routine, your muscles are in better condition, so you feel less fatigued, sore and tight after a long run or race.

Reducing the risk of injury.

Core stability protects the spine and surrounding musculature from injury during running. Pilates encourages proper movement patterns and teaches correct posture, you are less likely to have an injury or re-injure the same area. Additionally, Pilates helps you identify your weaknesses that inhibit your gait. You learn muscular cues to help you fire and strengthen muscles that help you maintain a better running posture.

Pilates Times

9.15 am Monday Sabden, St Marys Church Hall, Ribble Valley

6.15 pm Tuesday Simonstone, St Peters church Ribble Valley

9.15am Thursday Whalley Methodist Church, Ribble Valley

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