Yoga Straps

Props in yoga are essential, they are used to improve yoga postures, increase a movement and extend stretches.  Stretching is a vital part of any exercise that is needed to increase fitness ability and prevent injury.

Yoga straps are a useful tool that can help you. The most common use for a yoga strap is to use it in a seated forward fold around the balls of the feet. This allows you to fold forward at the hips and keep a flat back rather rounding the lower back. This will definitely stretch the hamstrings more.   They are also used for bound poses when one hand can’t meet the other. It allows the pose to be achieved without causing pain.

Our last pose of the night is restorative pose called the reclining butterfly, we are using the straps to keep alignment in the hips whilst deep breathing.

See you

Monday 6pm St Marys Hall Sabden

Tuesday 7.15pm St Peters Simonstone

Wednesday 9.30am Lowerhouse Cricket Club Padiham

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