Pilates – Arching and Tucking the Lower back

How many of you have said to us you can’t get your lower back on the floor? Or we say your tilt your pelvis towards you, when you are engaging the pelvic floor?

Does the lower back arch off the floor when performing exercises ( I know mine did when I first started classes).

This is purely because your stomach muscles are not strong enough to maintain the position you are asking the body to perform.

The lower back muscles contract to try and help which cause the lower back to arch. The stomach muscle then protrude which causes a doming effect. If you feel your lower back comes of the floor. Either reset and join back in or do as many exercises as you can properly, this will ultimately make you stronger.

The other reason your lower back arches of the floor is you have a weak upper core, you struggle to control the muscles around your rib cage and sternum (chest bone). I know I have said in class to a client pull your rib cage down, this is doing exactly as it sounds, the muscles that attach to the rib cage are weak and the lower rib cage lifts up. Learning to pull the muscles down takes time and practice. (If you feel either of these are you, speak to us).

Tucking the pelvis under?

The lower pelvis tilts towards you and the lower part tips down and back. This can be caused by pulling in your pelvic floor muscles too hard and subsequently gripping with your hip flexors and bum muscles. Relax a bit more remember engaging the pelvic floor 30% is suffice and relax the glutes and hip flexors or your actual pelvic floor muscles are weak and you are using the glutes and hip flexors to perform the exercise.

For the correct position,

lengthen your spine along the mat and concentrate on isolating your pelvic floor.

Remember we are learning all the time. You might just start doing something, why? Who knows🤷‍♀️ We can’t explain everything but we can try to help and encourage you to do the exercises well .

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