Our First Yoga & Pilates Retreat Day

On sunday 21st October we had our first retreat day. We had done our preparation but we were still a little nervous. What were peoples expectations and how would it be received.

We had a full day planned


Yoga – Sun salutations, warrior poses, floor work and stretches.

A 10 minute talk -On the importance of the pelvic floor.


Partner yoga

Lunch and optional Foot massage

Followed by the use of the spa and gym facilites.

Both Vicky and myself are very passionate about helping others and making sure clients are in the right position whilst incorporating fun into the day.

The feed back has been amazing.

I really did have the best day today- just what i needed. It was good to be corrected and helped to do things properly, i enjoyed it alot more than previous classes I’ve done. I’ve tried things I never thoought I could do. I loved it, you both did a great job.

I’ve been doing yoga and pilates on and off for a few years but that doesn’t mean I know everything and you do forget things and pick up bad habits. I thought it was very informative, interesting and most of all fun. I would be definitely interested if you did another day or event a weekend event.

Fantastic day. Roll on April in Tuscany

Thanks for today ladies really enjoyed it, worth every penny.

Vicky and I also had a fantastic day teaching it makes the preparation worth while.

Thank you.

Our next day event is Sunday May 26th 2019 Drinks served at 9.50am

This is £65 for all of the above.

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