Our Teaching Journey So Far.

Our journey into to teaching Pilates and Yoga started 5 years ago. I was wanting to broaden my horizons, a lot of the clients i was seeing in my Sports Therapy Clinic had bad backs. I had done Pilates myself to cure my back pain for around 6 months and signed up to go on a teacher training course in London. Vicky and I had been friends for many years (too long some would say!!!) and she asked if she could come with me as she no longer wanted to teach Les Mills classes for 20 hours a week.

So we set off to London for 2 weeks training, we were like 2 mad women escaping to the big city, we walked to and from class everyday, we did morning runs and yes we participated in London’s nightlife (me showing Vicky the sights of soho, but that’s a whole other story).

We learnt so much on these 2 weeks, me I actually found i had no core strength or pelvic floor and walked around complaining I couldn’t stand up straight. Vicky was obviously a lot stronger than I and could do most of the exercises. When we came home we had two exams to do, where we would have to plan a class and perform the exercises as well and a written exam. The written exam didn’t phase me but it did Vicky, But on the flip side the teaching and the exercises really worried me as this was what i was weak at. This took us a year to achieve practising everyday me with doing the exercises and Vicky keep going over the anatomy ( Strengths and Weakness).

When we finally passed Vicky had to do a lot of persuading to encourage me to teach especially in front of people who I knew would be stronger than myself. However she took the bull by the horns and booked the Simonstone school hall and before I knew it we were teaching a class.

Now many will think its been plain sailing. We were teaching 3 classes a week oh no Vicky wasn’t happy with that. She now wanted to teach yoga. At the beginning I was very adamant that, that was ridiculous idea, I found yoga boring and really couldn’t see myself teaching that. Plus I couldn’t fold myself into those positions. However she found a course and said “Julia we are doing it” so again I found myself off on another adventure with Vicky. 6 months later having been to loads of classes, watched hours of u-tube videos and Vicky patiently saying “yes you can Julia” we both passed our course. I have to say its one of best things Vicky has done for me as I actually love teaching and have found yoga is anything but boring!!!. (But she doesn’t need to know that)

We have now been teaching for 4 years, in the last year we have done 3 days at the Dunkenhalgh which included Yoga, Pilates, a little massage and the afternoon in the spa, we have taken 10 ladies to Tuscany, the feed back was really humbling to receive and we have a yoga, pilates and walking weekend planned 8-10th November. I’m sure Vicky holds her breathe when I say I have an Idea!!!!.

We are also planning on taking our classes on-line and this is in the planning now we have gotten over the embarrassment of being in front of the camera.

We are building a new website so payment can be taken online for our holidays etc.

And finally we are in search of our own premises so we no longer will have to sweep village halls and lug our equipment about ( if you know anywhere then let us know!!!) Having our own space will let us add to our classes and expand ours/yours practises. We have had lots of suggestions for workshops that we can hold.

You can join our mailing list to hear about first about classes, workshops or holiday

Our Facebook group for yoga and pilates incorporates a few simple videos, feel free to join

Thanks for sharing our journey so far…… “Vicky, Ive just had an idea”!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Our Teaching Journey So Far.

  1. Fantastic achievement really pleased for both of you. Know Vicky from Hyndburn and loved her classes.

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