Yin Yoga- Why its so good for Runners!

When most of us think about yoga we tend to think about an active practise which is fast flowing. Moving from a down dog to up dog and getting a bit of a sweat on. These classes are known as yoga flow, power and vinyasa, they build strength and power. These classes often appeal to runners as you feel like you have had a work out.

Yin Yoga has a more gentle approach holding poses from between 45 seconds to 6 minutes. Remaining still, for runners and athletes is really hard and you have to focus the mind as well as the body. Yin yoga has many benefits, releases tension in the muscles, stretches connective tissue, increases range of movement in muscles and joints.

Runners who practise yin yoga find an increase in range of movement and strength in the hamstrings, quads and hips. It can also help with degeneration of the hip joints, but more importantly prevents overload of the muscles on the skeletal system which increases injury potential.

The benefits of yin yoga are numerous, because yin yoga requires stillness. The practise allows you to connect more deeply with your body, gives you time to relax into the stretch and adjust the body so you can get much deeper release of the connective tissue, ligament and joint capsules.

Running technique does improve over time and as you have become accustomed to slight discomfort during the class. You will be able to tolerate a greater pain threshold when racing.

Yin yoga on zoom Wednesday 7.30 pm 40 minutes- £4

To Book message Julia 07751582675

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