HartleyHeys 4 Year Birthday

Who would have thought that when we boarded a train to London 5 years ago. What our 2 week London adventure would turn into.

We both love our little business and strive to keep evolving as things change and develop in our industry. We are also open to your ideas too. (We know there are many of you who have great business brains).

We have laughed so much, sometimes cried with frustration ( really I hear you say!!) I know we have both developed new skills wether it’s teaching, technology or new techniques. Vicky has taught all the classes without question when I have travelled to watch my daughter. And I have patiently tried to teach Vicky Social Media Skills 🙈.

No doubt we have dropped some clangers but hey we are all human ! And we alway try and learn from these experiences.

So as the very first class we taught was Pilates we have put together a little 5 day challenge for you. It is on our new YouTube channel which is all free and advert free. All we ask is that you subscribe (which is free) and like and comment on the videos.

We would just like to say thank you for your custom over the last 4 years and we are both excited to see what evolves over the next few years. Hopefully our own studio we are still on the look out.

Click on the picture for the YouTube link. 💕

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