New Class Pilates – Control and Release

This incorporates the classic Joseph Pilates exercises plus stretching of the areas worked.

This new class is for all abilities/ from nervous beginner to confident regular.

Commencing November

Monday 4th 9.15am St Mary’s Church Hall, Sabden

And Tuesday 5th 6.15pm St Peter’s Church Hall, Simonstone

What is control and release pilates?

During the class we will still be working the core which incorporates stomach, hips, glutes and shoulders. However some of the classic exercises such as the roll up is difficult for many to attain correctly. So we will be adding some facilitating stretches to make these exercise more achievable for all.

How can we strengthen a muscle when the muscle doesn’t function to it full capacity

We know that repeated patterns of moving just as walking and sitting decreases your flexibility, so its about finding your tight spots that exist in your body.

“We are the author of ourselves. Through our actions, and failure to act, we have ultimately designed ourselves” – joesph pilates.

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