Our Journey into Teaching Online – It Isn’t All Plain sailing!!! https://hartleyheys.com/2020/04/12/our-journey-into-teaching-online/Sailing!!

Well what can we say this journey started far sooner than we had planned. Vicky and I had muted the idea of teaching via live facebook link for sometime, but it would mean having a video camera in class. Some clients wouldn’t mind where as some would find it off putting. So we had just talked and then parked the idea.

When we were in Australia we were watching the news and had started talking about the Coronavirus and saying “oh can you imagine if England was like Italy” and thought not much more about it.

However when we flew home and we arrived in Abu Dhabi. We saw a group of workers in Hamzet suits waiting to disinfect a plane. I think this was when realised it was all a lot more serious.

We taught our classes for 2 weeks as normal. This was when we started to look into doing the classes from our houses. We tried zoom with each other and felt fairly comfortable with this option. Then just plunged into taking the classes online without really realising what it would be like.

We offered the first week free, so if there were any issues we could iron them out. Thank god we did that. I spent mothering Sunday imputing peoples email address (that kept arriving all day) into the zoom app, then only to realise that it didn’t save them 😩. I then had to input them all again and save them into my computer. Then realised how the hell is Vicky going to use it too the zoom app if the emails were only saved to my iPad 🤷‍♀️. I was trying to make Sunday tea. At this point I completely lost the plot and told my family go some where else (not that politely) as they were firing BB guns at me!!! Finally I got the emails sorted by 8pm.

On the Monday we taught together and that seemed to go ok. By Tuesday we were in lockdown. We quickly realised Vicky could log on as me and she taught the pilates class from her house and I viewed from mine. that was good and we had positive feed back but could hear a few peoples cats or dogs at this point it was quite endearing. However Vicky said it was very strange teaching with absolutely no feed back or knowing how the class flowed or if it was any good.

I then taught Yin yoga on the Wednesday and what a disaster that was!! we could hear all sorts such as “your going to have to F**k it off, its not working” someone’s 40 minutes of heavy breathing. Kids crying and shouting and I’m sure we heard someone break wind but know one admitted that. During the class we asked people to mute themselves but alas technology is beyond most of us!!!.

I then spent the rest of the night reading and learning use zoom how to mute the whole class. We then offered another free Yin Yoga class and finally it worked well.

We have a still been learning – people can still ask questions if they know how to unmute and then mute themselves again.

If our clients have logged on early and have their cameras on. Then everyone can see what’s going on in their houses. We caught a glimpse of a man dressing 🤦🏼‍♀️ but thankfully no private parts!!.

It is still very weird teaching and not knowing how the class is so we rely on each other to say if the class was ok or how we could improve.

I’m sure the journey will continue and therefore our learning. We thank you for your patience in the first few weeks. And hopefully from here it will be plan sailing 🤨🙏🏻

If you have enjoyed our classes all we ask is for you to spread the word.

Thank you

From Julia & Vicky 🧘🏼‍♀️💕

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