Virtual Retreat Day – Self Care Sunday – May 24th

Saturday was a long day for me in our new pandemic life. So whilst sat in the sun thinking. I came up with a Virtual Retreat Day. I muted the idea with my husband and daughter. Then tried to ring my partner in crime Vicky Heys (she didn’t answer for ages!!)

Any way we discussed the idea and if it would work. We then contacted various other business and chatted to them. They were all equally positive. We arranged a group zoom where we talked about our ideas.

It was decided that if the Prime Minister, said we were still in lock down, we would go ahead with idea.

It would give people a little something to look forward too. Without costing a fortune. 5 business all coming together with various skills to put a day together for you.

We have..

Jo Moseley – Motivational Speaker

Claire Ratcliffe Wilson – Owner of The Beauty Emporium

Julie Barrow – Owner of PowerFit

Rachel Cruickshank – Nutrition Therapist & Yoga Teacher

And Myself Julia hartley and Vicky Heys – HartleyHeys Pilates & Yoga

Will it work – we don’t know. Is it valve for money – yes definitely. Will we encourage fun – obviously.

The days Itinerary

08.00am – Morning Yoga with HartleyHeys

08.45am – Breakfast

09.30am – Motivational speech by the amazing Jo Moseley ( healthyhappy50)

10.30am – Kettlecise with Julie

11.30am – Nutrition- Gut & Women’s Health with Rachel

12.15pm – Lunch

13.00 am – Group Virtual Walk for 30 minutes

14.00pm- Understanding Your Skin with Claire Ratcliffe Wilson – Owner of The Beauty Emporium

15.00pm – Pilates with HartleyHeys

16.00pm – Full Body Strength & Conditioning Class with Julie

17.00pm – Tea

18.00pm – Learn How to Perform a Facial at Home with Claire

18.45pm – Restorative Yoga with HartleyHeys

19.30pm – Evening Meditation with Lissa Pickles

Price for the full day is only £20 per person.
Payment can be made via Bank Transfer Sc 23- 69- 72 Acc 18036818 PayPal (please make payment to friends and family).

All this will be done via zoom . We will need an email address and the links will be sent to you on Saturday

We look forward to you joining us

3 thoughts on “Virtual Retreat Day – Self Care Sunday – May 24th

  1. Great programme girls! Will really look forward to that day. Could you ask Julie what size kettlebells we’ll need? Thanks

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