A Guide to Our Virtual Retreat

⭐️Thank You ⭐️ to all those who have booked. If you haven’t, you still 7 days to book (payment options below)

The whole day will take place via zoom, if you have not used zoom before its very easy, you can download the app on a iPad or tablet , or if you are using a computer just follow the links that are sent. Or you can read this blog https://hartleyheys.com/2020/03/21/online-classes/

You will receive 10 emails and they will be numbered 1- 10 with the session eg

1. 8am – Welcome Meeting and Morning Yoga,

2. 9.30 – Motivational Speaker Jo Moseley. Etc etc

You log on the session a couple of minutes before and when the host joins the Virtual Meeting then the session will begin. Each session is 40 minutes.

Having separate allocated sessions will allow you to move away from your computer or tablet between sessions. Please remember if don’t want to do a session, that’s fine. Sessions aren’t compulsory. Do as many or as few as YOU like. We have factored in breaks so the day is lovely and relaxed.

Each of the Fitness session or Pilates and Yoga are perfect for beginner or more advanced. There will be lots of different options available and you choose which you do.

During the yoga and pilates sessions we advice some gentle music playing in the background and for the Restorative yoga some pillows and cushions are required.

We are so looking forward to the day, motivating, inspiring and lifting each other up, with no judgement on abilities.

It is great Value for Money at just £20 for the whole day.

Price for the full day is only £20 per person.
Payment can be made via Bank Transfer Sc 23- 69- 72 Acc 18036818 PayPal Hartleyheys@outlook.com (please make payment to friends and family).

The days Itinerary

08.00am – Morning Yoga with HartleyHeys https://hartleyheys.com/

08.45am – Breakfast

09.30am – Motivational speech by the amazing Jo Moseley https://healthyhappy50.com/about-jo-moseley/

10.30am – Kettlecise with Powerfit Julie Barrow

11.30am – Nutrition- Gut & Women’s Health with Rachel httphttps://linktr.ee/thebodynatural

12.15pm – Lunch

13.00 am – Group Virtual Walk for 30 minutes

14.00pm- Understanding Your Skin with Claire Ratcliffe Wilson – Owner of The Beauty Emporium https://www.thebeautyemporium.com/EN/index.aspx

15.00pm – Pilates with HartleyHeys

16.00pm – Full Body Strength & Conditioning Class with Julie PowerFit

17.00pm – Tea

18.00pm – Learn How to Perform a Facial at Home with Claire Ratcliffe Wilson

18.45pm – Restorative Yoga with HartleyHeys

19.30pm – Evening Meditation with Lissa Pickles – Social Media via Journey 48

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