HartleyHeys Going Forwards

We hope this email finds you well. What a strange time for us all. 
We thought we would update you with how our business will carry on for now. 
Throughout lockdown we have done weekly Zoom Classes and these have been working really well. They are all 40 minutes long from the comfort of your own home. They are £4 per class and £15 per week for all 6 classes. Did you know we record the classes and we can email this too you? You have 3 days to complete the class as many times as you like. The recordings are £4 each. 
We cater for all abilities, giving options for each exercise. We have done this for 15 weeks and have never repeated a class. The feed back we have received has been quite humbling. 

HartleyHeys has also ventured into the corporate world with our Yoga & Pilates sessions, so if you work for an organisation who would benefit from this please get in touch with us. 

We are staying online for the time being. The legislation to get back to teaching hands on just isn’t feasible at the moment 

We are hoping to have some workshops as soon as the halls re-open and all being well these will be from September. We cant wait to see you in person!! 

Thank you for your continued support 

Julia & Vicky

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