2020 – A Year of Many Challenges

What can we say about 2020 – challenging, scary, a time for becoming tech savvy but we have still had some great laughs.

The year started with relative calm. It saw Vicky coming back from her Christmas vacation sun kissed and relaxed, then Julia left Vicky at the helm as she popped to New York with her daughter for 4 days

We were still working Monday’s at Sabden St Mary’s Church Hall, Tuesdays at Read and Simonstone village Hall and Thursday Morning at again Read and Simonstone Village Hall (this feels a life time ago)

The 7th February we held a very successful Rejuvenate You Winter Workshop 24 in attendance (can you imagine that now!!) We taught Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation (which made some sleep and some teary, all part of the power of meditation) snacks and smoothies were provided by Julie Barrow PowerFit.

18th February saw both of us travelling to Australia to see our children and experience a holiday we will never forget. We made the most of our holiday which saw us take a helicopter ride over Sydney, a balloon ride over Melbourne, try our hand at rock climbing, zip wiring and taking some yoga classes. I will never forget kundalini Yoga which combines breathing, chanting sounds and movement – I couldn’t look at Vicky for laughing, you have to experience everything once!!

Whilst in Australia it was beginning to emerge that there was a rapidly spreading virus, whilst reading the newspapers through the night (due to jet leg and too much gin!) I would tell Vicky in the morning the updates coming out of Italy. This was when we first heard of zoom being used for yoga classes in Italy. I booked marked a blog to read on the way home.

23rd of March took us online for a week of free classes via zoom. Not being that tech savvy but willing to give it try. We were overwhelmed with the amount of people giving the classes ago. And saw Julia nearly having a melt down on Mother’s Day. Over the months we have seen all sorts of issues. Music not playing over zoom how we would like, other people’s household conversations. A few naked people 🙈 and I’m sure there were a few expletives over heard 😂.

We decided to be inclusive for everyone, 6 classes over 5 days for £10. The up take on this was crazy. We were very grateful that so many people joined us.

The tech issues were finally overcome however, it still throws up some surprises and difficulties 🙈

May 24th we brought you our Virtual Retreat Day. This saw us collaborate with various other teachers and business women to bring you a day packed with activities.

Julie Barrow – Kettlecise & circuit. Motivational speaker Jo Mosley. Nutritional and Gut Health specialist Rachel Cruikshank. Clare Rawtcliffe beautician talking about skin and anti aging. We did morning HathaYoga, Pilates a virtual walk and Yin Yoga. The day was closed by Lisa Pickles and meditation.

Virtual walk pictures

The day went so well and the feedback was so positive.

Next up was International Yoga Day on June 21st. This was an afternoon event 1-5pm and included Hatha flow, balance, core and strength, smoothie making and why they are so good, Yin yoga and meditation. Again we had 20+ people involved and the feedback was lovely to hear .

As things started to return to normal we debated wether to open up classes again or stay online, we stayed online and decided to reassess later in the year

We did decided however, to do a workshop in person 11th October, with limited numbers and lots of room, we had 16 people paid for what became a great afternoon. It was great to teach in person and to be able to see how the workshop was going (which does not happen when teaching into a phone with everyone on mute!!) We got so excited to teach and be hands on we didn’t have any pictures to share!!

November saw us back in lockdown and still online where it looks like we will be for sometime!!

We have been blown away with how many people joined HartleyHey’s classes through the pandemic. We have strived to never to teach the same class and constantly change how we teach so it’s continues to be interesting. We believe our classes are for every body and every ability.

Thank you for your business and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and healthy New Year

Julia & Vicky x

2 thoughts on “2020 – A Year of Many Challenges

  1. Just want to thank you both for everything you do to help us keep fit. Love your story that you put together. Your adventures are soo interesting and you both are so fit . Just a shame we didn’t get to palma last year. With all the friends that we’ve made from the classes. But if your thinking about taking us with you on your next big holiday I’m up for it 😂😂. Merry Christmas to you both xx

  2. As a total novice to yoga and pilates! I can honestly say how much I have enjoyed growing in confidence and hopefully technique ! With your zoom classes. I know it’s not the same as live but your instructions and advice have really helped me to understand the movements and breathing ! And I feel I have made new friends online. Long may it continue in what ever format! Thanks julia and Vicky. X

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