Virtual Retreat Day- All You Need To Know

Thank you for booking on The Virtual Retreat – A Day of Self Care on Sunday. We are looking forward to meeting you all Virtual and hopefully, soon in person.

We would normally think of a retreat as somewhere peaceful and tranquil, like Tuscany or Bali, however this year it is not to be.  Try and make sure the area you will be using has enough space for you and maybe have some candles for the yoga and meditation sessions to make it special. 

We have the day planned for you. It’s entirely up to you how many sessions you take part in, dip in and out as you please, this is fine. If you do leave a session, try and make sure its at the start and not half way through. If you join half way through please make sure you are muted (this will prevent interrupting the session currently on).

There will be 10 emails and they will be numbered, see below. This is so you are not at your computer for long periods of time and can have breaks for drinks and the lavatory.

1. 8.00am – Welcome chat and Sunrise Hatha Yoga with HartleyHeys

2. 9.15am – Motivational Talk by Martin Garnett

3. 10.00am – Kettlecise with PowerFit

4. 10.45am – Whole self Masterclass with Rachel

5. 11.45am – Pilates with HartleyHeys

12.30 – Lunch Break

13.30 – 30 minute Virtual Walk – Remember we want to see your pictures

6. 14.30pm – Full Body Conditioning with Martin

7. 15.15pm Kick Start your Healthy Eating with Julie

8. 16.00pm – Trinny London North West Ambassador- makeup tutorial

9. 16.45pm – Yin Yoga with HartleyHeys

10. 17.30pm – Early Evening Meditation with Lissa

Remember that all the sessions will placed into the Private Facebook Group link here –

Equipment required

A yoga mat 

Small towel

For Yoga & Pilates some gentle music in the back ground 

A Kettlebell, dumbbell, 2 bottles of water or 2 tin cans 

For the Restorative Yoga you will need pillows (from your bed is perfect, cushions and a blanket) 

A charger – so you don’t run out of battery 

And a notepad and pen if you want make notes

Maybe just remind your family that you are on a retreat day and let them know your intentions for the day. 

Look out for the emails for zoom on Saturday from Sporting Therapies and please check your junk mail.

See you all Sunday at 8am 🧘🏻‍♀️💕

Any questions you can phone me 07761582675 or email. 

Julia Hartley & Vicky Heys


From Lissa 

Hello Everyone,

I’m Lissa and I will be delivering an evening Meditation at 7.30, for half an hour, to conclude the day.

Whether you are totally new to meditation, or you may practice daily, the Meditation I will be delivering is planned for both a beginner and  someone who meditates often.

Ahead of my session on Sunday, here are a few pointers to help you prepare and get the most out of the meditation:

– Find a peaceful space where you won’t be interrupted, maybe make it special by using candles and incense.

– Let other members of the household know you will be meditating and to leave you in peace for half an hour.

– Switch off devices that could disturb your meditation.

With regard to your posture during the Meditation, adopt a position that is comfortable for you. You can sit on a chair, on the floor cross legged or kneeling using a mat or cushions (or meditation zafus, bolsters or a meditation bench) to support you, making sure you are going to be comfortable. Sitting is preferred so you remain alert and maintain a relaxed body position. When we lie down we can tend to lose the alertness and fall asleep instead of falling awake!

However, if sitting for a period of time aggravates back, knee or hips please lie down. 

See the attached printout.

If you have any questions or queries before Sunday please do not hesitate to contact me by email, text or call on 07590950077.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

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