Pilates for Lowerback pain

Hartleyheys have just started a New beginners block class which is very successful. This article is an ideal read if you have Lowerback problems Our other Pilates Classes Monday 9.15am St Mary's Church Hall Sabden, Ribble Valley Tuesday 6.15pm St Peters Simonstone, Ribble Valley Thursday 9.15am Nazareth Unitarian Padiham, Burnley

Why Are Hip Openers Are So Good For Me ?

Hip openers are the most requested moves in Yoga and can bring a sense of release to the person. Virtually the whole of what we practise in yoga opens the hips from a up dog to a wheel pose. There are over 20 muscles that cross the hips, adductors, hip flexors and lateral rotators. In … Continue reading Why Are Hip Openers Are So Good For Me ?

Pilates for Men – Why Real Men Do Pilates

With numerous number of elite and professional sportsmen making Pilates part of their training regime here are some of your questions answered Should I Try Pilates ? Yes is the simple answer, the benefits of Pilates include muscle strength, control, balance, flexibility and injury prevention. This is why many athletes include it into their weekly … Continue reading Pilates for Men – Why Real Men Do Pilates

Yoga and Pilates Retreat

Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Tuscany 25th April 2019 for 5 nights includes daily yoga sessions, Pilates, Guided walk breakfast, evening meal and flights. Standard twin shared bathroom £795 Standard twin ensuite bathroom £895 Deluxe twin in an apartment shared bathroom £995 Single occupancy accommodation prices on request. Also available massage, Indian head massage and … Continue reading Yoga and Pilates Retreat

Yoga Straps

Props in yoga are essential, they are used to improve yoga postures, increase a movement and extend stretches.  Stretching is a vital part of any exercise that is needed to increase fitness ability and prevent injury. Yoga straps are a useful tool that can help you. The most common use for a yoga strap is … Continue reading Yoga Straps

Yoga and Pilates Day

Yoga and Pilates day 21st October 2018, Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Accrington. 10am - 5pm - £60 10 - 10.15 Drinks on arrival 10.15 -  Mobilisation 10.30 - Yoga 11.45 - Talk 12.00 - Pilates 12.45 - Partner Yoga 1-2 Healthy lunch and Indian Head Massage 2-5pm Spa Money required when booking - 07761582675 or 07720393489