How Yoga can help Lower Back Pain

Ever had lower back pain ? Yoga can help. This consumer report explains how yoga can strengthen the back muscles. However yoga doesn't just strengthen the back muscles. It also stretches the muscles above(thoracic spine) and below (pelvis) the lower back. This alone helps to relieve tension. Yoga classes Monday 6-7pm St Mary's Church Hall … Continue reading How Yoga can help Lower Back Pain

Pilates for Lowerback pain

Hartleyheys have just started a New beginners block class which is very successful. This article is an ideal read if you have Lowerback problems Our other Pilates Classes Monday 9.15am St Mary's Church Hall Sabden, Ribble Valley Tuesday 6.15pm St Peters Simonstone, Ribble Valley Thursday 9.15am Nazareth Unitarian Padiham, Burnley

England Footballers Do Pilates Sessions

It has been proven time and time again that Pilates exercises are an important part of any persons exercise regime. Many professional sports people take part in regular Pilates sessions. Even the England football team have been completing Pilates sessions as part of their daily regime. A strong core is not about a 6 pack … Continue reading England Footballers Do Pilates Sessions

How Yoga Helps Lower Back Pain

Yoga practise involves stretching and relaxation. This helps to reduce tension in stress-carrying muscles which are predominately the hips and lower back. Yoga holds certain poses for up to 2 minutes. Whilst in the pose, certain muscles flex, while others stretch, promoting relaxation and flexibility in muscles and joints. For people with lower back pain, … Continue reading How Yoga Helps Lower Back Pain