HartleyHeys Winter Workshop – Rejuvenate You.

Do you have the winter blues or just feel stressed then our winter workshop is for you! Recharge your energy and rejuvenate your body and mind with our 2 1/2 hour workshop. Saturday 8th February 2-4.30pm, Read & Simonstone Village Hall, Eastview, Read. This workshop will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful. 2pm - … Continue reading HartleyHeys Winter Workshop – Rejuvenate You.

It’s World Mental Health Day.

Pilates and Yoga gives you the space to focus on yourself for at least 60 minutes. They both lift your spirits. Allow you to clear your thoughts. Enable you to deep breathe - which in turns raises oxygen levels in body and help to relieve pain. Not all exercise has to make you sweaty to … Continue reading It’s World Mental Health Day.

Our First Yoga & Pilates Retreat Day

On sunday 21st October we had our first retreat day. We had done our preparation but we were still a little nervous. What were peoples expectations and how would it be received. We had a full day planned Mobilisations Yoga - Sun salutations, warrior poses, floor work and stretches. A 10 minute talk -On the … Continue reading Our First Yoga & Pilates Retreat Day

Yoga, Pilates and the Menopause!!

This is something women are talking about more amongst themselves but often not with our partners. It's a bit like child birth, people who go through it nod and smile but in truth the realty can be very different. This article talks about the benefits of both Yoga and Pilates whilst going through the menopause. … Continue reading Yoga, Pilates and the Menopause!!

Pilates Not Pills

A GP surgery in Hertfordshire is leading the way in prescribing group activities instead of pills. They have found that 20% of all there patients seen had lifestyle, worries or loneliness that was making them ill. At the AGM Dr Marie Essam explained that prescribing practical support can relay change lives. At Hartleyheys we really … Continue reading Pilates Not Pills

You Won’t be the worlds worst Yogi!!

This is a really good article. Click on the link. At hartleyheys we are inclusive of all abilities. We all have to start somewhere. And somewhere is much better than NOWHERE Yoga classes Monday 6.00pm St Mary’s Hall Sabden Tuesday 7.15pm St Peter's Hall Simonstone Wednesday 9.30am - New class Lowerhouse cricket club New 31st … Continue reading You Won’t be the worlds worst Yogi!!

You Don’t Need To Be Bendy To Love Yoga

How many times do you think we have heard I would love to do Yoga but I cant touch my toes? Far too many. Our Yoga classes are inclusive wether you are flexible your not. Yoga Improves Full Body Strength, if you picture a yoga class, you imagine the class twisted into portions not possible. … Continue reading You Don’t Need To Be Bendy To Love Yoga