Pilates – This Mornings Thoughts

After this mornings class I thought it was important to reiterate how we engage our pelvic floor muscles! My self and Vicky are very passionate about this being done properly as doing it correctly allows you to get stronger, prevents injuries, stops pelvic floor disorders and allows you to live a healthier life. When lying … Continue reading Pilates – This Mornings Thoughts

Do You Have A Lazy Bottom?

The core doesn't just include the stomach muscles. But also incorporates the back, glutes and shoulders. If you visualise a square box from the top of your shoulders to below your bottom this is all classed as your core. The glutes are an important part of the core and is your power house. Have a … Continue reading Do You Have A Lazy Bottom?

Pilates Not Pills

A GP surgery in Hertfordshire is leading the way in prescribing group activities instead of pills. They have found that 20% of all there patients seen had lifestyle, worries or loneliness that was making them ill. At the AGM Dr Marie Essam explained that prescribing practical support can relay change lives. At Hartleyheys we really … Continue reading Pilates Not Pills

Pilates for Lowerback pain

Hartleyheys have just started a New beginners block class which is very successful. This article is an ideal read if you have Lowerback problems Our other Pilates Classes Monday 9.15am St Mary's Church Hall Sabden, Ribble Valley Tuesday 6.15pm St Peters Simonstone, Ribble Valley Thursday 9.15am Nazareth Unitarian Padiham, Burnley

England Footballers Do Pilates Sessions

It has been proven time and time again that Pilates exercises are an important part of any persons exercise regime. Many professional sports people take part in regular Pilates sessions. Even the England football team have been completing Pilates sessions as part of their daily regime. A strong core is not about a 6 pack … Continue reading England Footballers Do Pilates Sessions