HartleyHeys Winter Workshop – Rejuvenate You.

Do you have the winter blues or just feel stressed then our winter workshop is for you! Recharge your energy and rejuvenate your body and mind with our 2 1/2 hour workshop. Saturday 8th February 2-4.30pm, Read & Simonstone Village Hall, Eastview, Read. This workshop will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful. 2pm - … Continue reading HartleyHeys Winter Workshop – Rejuvenate You.

How Yoga can help Lower Back Pain

Ever had lower back pain ? Yoga can help. This consumer report explains how yoga can strengthen the back muscles. However yoga doesn't just strengthen the back muscles. It also stretches the muscles above(thoracic spine) and below (pelvis) the lower back. This alone helps to relieve tension. Yoga classes Monday 6-7pm St Mary's Church Hall … Continue reading How Yoga can help Lower Back Pain

You Won’t be the worlds worst Yogi!!

This is a really good article. Click on the link. At hartleyheys we are inclusive of all abilities. We all have to start somewhere. And somewhere is much better than NOWHERE Yoga classes Monday 6.00pm St Mary’s Hall Sabden Tuesday 7.15pm St Peter's Hall Simonstone Wednesday 9.30am - New class Lowerhouse cricket club New 31st … Continue reading You Won’t be the worlds worst Yogi!!

Why We Need to Stretch Our Psoas Muscles

The psoas muscle (hip flexors) connects your lower back (lumber 1-5) to your femur and to the diaphragm. It affects posture, helps stabilize the spine, and, if it’s out of balance, can be a significant contributor to low back and pelvic pain.  The hip flexors can become short and tight if you spend most of … Continue reading Why We Need to Stretch Our Psoas Muscles